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Thursday, 17 December 2009

Wake up to Wogan - The End

On Monday Chris Evans takes over the Radio 2 Breakfast Show and I wish him well. Don't Forget Your Toothbrush was a great show and he is a fine broadcaster. But Terry Wogan is the broadcaster sans pareil (and the Greatest Living Irishman).

I remember one morning in Stockport years ago. I was stuck in traffic going uphill but movement in the opposite direction was free. Wogan was on the radio. All the drivers facing me had silly grins on their faces.

I am defeated by the very thought of trying to describe his magic. Perhaps it boils (I nearly typed 'boiled') down to 'Chemistry'. He has or had it in spades with all his collaborators. With Fran Godfrey (damn the BBC for letting her go), with Boggy, Deadly, Chuffer Dandridge, Edna Cloud, the lamented Paulie Walters, with the Girl from Splott and with his 8 million listeners.

One day he will go to Heaven. I am going record all the tribute programmes (if I survive him). The tears and laughter will be unprecedented.

The man is wise, funny, humane, generous and great! There are great men in many walks of life: science, philosophy, sport, war, business, art, music, politics. Terry Wogan is a DJ(!) and Terry Wogan is a great man!

I believe he is to host a new show starting on Valentine's Day. I'll be there.

I'm adding him to the Heroes and Heroines post - perhaps with an audio clip. Will I be able to find the show when Paulie farted?

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