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Tuesday, 22 December 2009

A Fabulous Melody, But

I am attaching a link to one of my favourite melodies of all time. It is the main theme of the last movement of Saint Saens' 3rd (Organ) Symphony. It was adapted as the theme of Babe, a lovely movie and was also turned into a song, If I had Words. I absolutely revel in this tune. It featured as the mood music of a delightful but regrettably short incident in my life'

I love it; but (do you agree?) it is badly flawed. The theme is stated quietly and then again powerfully and stirringly. The composer then starts to take the melody apart and he does it interestingly and movingly. All the time, however, the listener, this listener anyway, is expecting that he will put it all back together at the end. But he never does! So I never hear it through without feeling really dissatisfied. In fact, I never hear it all the way through. I wish someone would write the ending I long for.

A clip from Babe with the song:

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