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Monday, 21 December 2009

Daniel Hannan - Leaving the EU

Wise words from one of my favourite parliamentarians. I am pleased to note that all the comments are in agreement with DH.

Something that I never tire of pointing out is that we voted in a referendum to be in the CM (Common Market). This organisation then morphed itself into the EEC (European Economic Community), then into the EC (European Community) and finally into the EU (European Union). All this without even pretending to consult us! As Hannan points out, now 84% of our laws now emanate from this supremely corrupt, anti-democratic, inefficient body of self-serving bureaucrats.

This trajectory was predictable from the speeches and writings of European intellectuals. The British allowed themselves to be conned by Edward Heath - "It's just a Common Market!"

It's a good idea to listen to what our enemies say. Armour Dinner Jacket tells it like it is. He intends to wipe Israel off the map!

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