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Friday, 11 December 2009

A Habit of Gratitude

I think I have always prayed, even when I had no idea what prayer meant. I am less ignorant now, but not much. Mostly the substance of my prayers has been, "Oh God, it's so ghastly. Make it go away!"

Of late I have spent time thinking fuzzily about prayer and today I decided that it had to be the subject of my next blog.

But now I am uncertain that I have anything worthwhile to say on the subject. The fuzziness has so far coagulated into a few bullet points in Word, as yet to be expanded and uploaded.

One point I think is worth making. Namely, that a Habit of Gratitude is a form of prayer. Not only that but a Habit of Gratitude is necessary to happiness. Therefore happiness is impossible without prayer.

I have argued myself into Catholicism. The reasons for believing in an Infinite Father, a Loving Creator are so strong that such a belief demands a response from the believer, no matter how little emotion I can summon up. So an attempt at prayer is an obligation, an intellectual obligation. Dame Julian I am not. But an Infinite Father, a Loving Creator promises, in her words, that "all manner of things shall be well". So, a Habit of Gratitude is demanded by reason.

How lucky that it is a necessary condition of happiness.

Any comments will be most welcome.

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