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Thursday, 31 December 2009

The Optimum Population Trust

[This needs work. Too many jumps. But clumsy though it is, I'm going to leave it up here.]

I watched David Attenborough the other night on TV. From him I learnt that there is an organisation with the above name. I am deeply suspicious. Suspicious? Read on.

For a start, you wouldn’t create such an organisation with such a name unless you had a policy agenda. You can check the details; but from what I could bear to read, these people think that we should reduce the world population (6,000,000,000) to about half in the next half-century! AH’s Final Solution x 500.

Malthus was Wrong

In fact only one person in the history of the world has been wronger than Malthus – Paul Ehrlich, The Wrongest Person Ever!

Bjorn Lomborg demonstrates from UN figures that we are better fed (as a planet) than ever before. That the planet is cleaner than ever and that natural resources are more plentiful than ever. That species are disappearing at a negligible rate.

And yet... Prince Phillip of WWF wants to be reincarnated as a deadly virus with a view to depopulating the planet.

I am a loyal subject of Her Majesty but...

I am committing myself here to a posting on Malthus/Ehrlich and The Deadly Duke.

No doubt “The Science is Settled”... but what do they propose (OPT)? Apparently, the wickedest deed in History. Evil has been in its infancy till now! Damien's still peddling his trike. Pol Pot was an amateur! Well, as far as his aspirations went - in practical terms, quite a guy. He killed about 1/3 of the population of his country (for wearing specs and similar crimes). So, proportionally, he was the baddest of all time.

Influential though they may be: Attenborough, Ehrlich and the D of E, they probably won’t achieve their foul goal.

No doubt they applaud the achievements of the "One Child Policy" of the Chinese People's Socialist Republic and would cheerfully cough up a Carbon Footprint payment for every aborted Chinese baby. The Chinese are ready to issue you with an invoice!

We can pause here to ruminate on every Chinese woman forcibly aborted under the above policy, of every enforcer obliged to murder a twin (whose only crime was to be a twin), on every Chinese lad for whom there is no corresponding lass (the Chinese choosing male foetuses over females, for the most part).

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