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Saturday, 28 February 2015

The Basis of All Reality

I know what I am not: I’m not a materialist. Materialists maintain that matter and energy are all that exist. This seems to me absurd in the extreme – aesthetics and morals are chopped away; they don’t exist in a materialist framework. Intentionality disappears: matter is not about anything. Materialists have a poor universe to think about and it is no surprise that they think very poorly.

Keith Ward is an incisive thinker, philosopher, theologian and priest. He has helped me to think about what I am – an idealist.

I am absolutely convinced that I am conscious. Consciousness has been called the hard question. It is not that hard. If I am not conscious, I do not exist. The ‘I’ that I call me is a figment. How can we ever have a conversation if neither of us exists?

Consciousness is my fundamental reality. Through my consciousness I receive all ‘sense data’. To some extent, I construct the world through sense data. Without consciousness I would not even be. I could not act.

Ludwig von Mises, the greatest of modern economists, titled his magnum opus Human Action. Free will is what makes us human. My philosophy, my theology, my Catholicism are all congruent. I exist. I act.

The project of post-modernism is to persuade us that we do not exist – good luck! As it happens, post-modernism is about persuading us that what we know is true is not only untrue but meaningless.
Islam is so much easier to deal with – it is self-evidently crap. Mohammed received ‘revelations’ that he was God’s messenger. He liked that. He also liked it when the revelations told him that he could do whatever he wanted. I’d like that.

If my consciousness is the foundation of my reality, then Consciousness is the foundation of all reality.

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