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Sunday, 1 March 2015

The Grace of God

Those who claim that ‘the capitalist system’ is one of dog eat dog have it completely the wrong way round. All systems other than free markets depend on coercion to operate. Under capitalism the only way to succeed is by serving your fellow man. For sure, many corporations depend on government regulation to protect their profits – but that is not capitalism!

Made in the image of God, we are creative and we have free will. God has designed the world so that we can benefit by serving one another. We are fallen; so we don’t as much as we should. Under capitalism prices fall and wages rise; under capitalism the poorest are fed. It is miraculous – literally. It is hard to think of plainer evidence of God’s grace.

Some entrepreneurs become rich. Many rich entrepreneurs contribute handsomely to charity. Envy of the rich is self-destructive; and it is a sin.

I confess myself baffled by the widespread hostility to capitalism. We should be on our knees, giving thanks for living in a (partly) capitalist society. What is all this claptrap about income inequality? We are unequal in every imaginable way. You may be better looking or brainier than me. Who would think it right for you to be mutilated to reduce the disparity in looks or nous? The idea is preposterous and repulsive.

Thrift, energy, ingenuity and hard work are good. Envy is bad. Socialism is founded on envy and implemented by force.

Adam Smith spoke of the ‘invisible hand’. He did not identify it as the hand of the Almighty; but it is not much of a stretch.

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