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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Abortion Continued – Would You Kill This Baby?

A thought experiment which has occurred to me since my last post: You are presented with a live scan of two foetuses (at exactly the same stage of development). You do not know which is which. One is the offspring of married parents who are thrilled at the prospect of the birth. One is the accidental product of a casual union of two people who are not in a position to bring up a child. Both are healthy. Each has an equal chance (as far as you can tell) of growing up to make a contribution to society. The choice is yours. Press button A and the first baby dies. Press button B and the second baby dies. Button C and they both live – Button D and they both die. Don’t press D – you will go to Hell. Which of the remaining buttons can you press and remain a moral human being? Only C. QED.

It IS that simple.

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