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Friday, 27 February 2015

Muslim Apologists

Anjem Chowdury is sort of honest. Repulsive but honest. He takes his Islam seriously. He wants Islam to prevail over Christianity, Human Rights and Democracy. He hopes that, in time, all non-muslims will exist only as dhimmis. If you don’t know what a dhimmi is, God help us.

George W Bush, David Cameron and Barack Obama are totally dishonest. They bleat that Islam is a religion of peace. Islam conquered the largely Christian middle east in the centuries after Mohammed. Islam has never been peaceful, has never pretended to be peaceful. When Islam held sway in AndalucĂ­a, there was a degree of tolerance. Whenever Islam has perceived itself to be under threat, the gloves have come off. Bush, Cameron and Obama are thoroughly cynical. They know this. They know that Islam is a violent and aggressive programme. But they pretend it is not so. This is political correctness in its most pitiful and abject form. They are beneath contempt. They are the apologists for islamist violence. Even the islamo-fascists despise them. ISIS makes no pretence that Islam is peaceful – they too are honest. Honest fiends.

Some time this year we can expect another major islamist outrage – there have been 24,000 since 9/11. People breathing now will be dead at the hands of muslims. Those muslims will crow that they are justified – by the Koran: and they are absolutely right.

Boko Haram is as extreme as any muslim group. Nobody can deny that BH can quote the Koran and the Hadith to justify their revolting cruelty. Nobody does. ISIS, the caliphate, is 100% mainstream. Fortunately for us, most muslims are luke-warm. They would rather get on with work and family – God bless them.

Are we in a 1930s mindset? Where is our Churchill?

These bastards are killing us. They kill us in London, in Boston, in New York, in Paris, in Mumbai, in Nigeria, in Syria, in Argentina, in Egypt, in Israel, in Libya – all over the world. Our ‘leaders’ refuse to recognise the common factor. May they be tormented and sleepless. Government has one purpose: to protect the citizen. Our leaders won’t even define the enemy.

You will wake up one morning soon and the islamists will have slaughtered 10s or 100s or 1000s of people in Europe, Africa or North America. Minutes later Cameron or Obama will be on the air to warn us against blaming muslims – who else should we blame?

Muslims are more honest than our leaders. God help us.

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