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Saturday, 24 November 2012

The Most Unsuccessful Blog of All Time – Not

I wish there were thousands out there, clicking the link, hoping for an update. It seems that there are not.

I do this self-indulgently. Like you, I have lots of opinions. Some of my posts start out as not much more than expressions of my instinctive reactions. Should prisoners vote? Of course not!

If I blog on the subject, doing so forces me to do more than to simply react.

On this particular subject, it would lead me to wonder whether we have too many (or too few) banged up behind bars. Then I would be obliged to discuss whether or not incarceration is, in itself, a justification for denying the incarcerated a vote.

In practical terms, I’m not sure that it has any relevance. Are we going to have a single prison constituency? I don’t think so. If the prisoners are distributed between all existing constituencies, will they be significant? I don’t think so.

Why do I do this? I like thinking. I like listening to others think. I would do this if I knew that nobody ever read the blog. But there is a tiny clique which bothers to respond. God bless them. They ice my cake!

My beloved cousin, Geoff, takes me to task on factual matters – thanks, Geoff.

My beautiful (more so than you can even imagine) niece takes me to task from time to time. Elisa doesn’t just compensate for the fact that I have only sons not daughters – she makes it OK. Suppose I had a daughter and Elisa were more beautiful and brainier – bloody hell! Not gonna happen.

She is kind enough to read this stuff. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and to respond - reason enough to carry on.

Writing makes you think. There are lots of writers who, in my opinion, think badly, or scarcely at all. But, blogging makes me think. I read my blogs (obsessively and critically). It’s good for me.

It’s fun. Is it blasphemous to suppose the God created the Universe for fun?

I really enjoy thinking. I hope you do. If I make you think, I’m doing you a favour – and vice versa.

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