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Saturday, 17 November 2012

Some of My Heroes

If this blog presents to even one of you even one of my heroes with whom you would not otherwise be acquainted, I shall be pleased. As you know, I do this for fun; but to have a real effect would be nice.

Many of the names below have already appeared in this blog. The list is not exhaustive. What is more, I hope to go on acquiring heroes until the day I die.

The men and women I am selecting here are my intellectual heroes and heroines. I can only suppose that I would have some difference(s) of opinion with pretty well every one. In some cases, the differences will be substantial. I think it goes without saying that every one is my superior – brainier and/or better read. But that is what heroes are for.

Since this a blog, you are likely to be reading it on line, which means that with a few clicks you can check out the entries using Google or YouTube. In some cases I will provide links to make it easier for you.
I am not going to categorise the entries on the list as religious, moral, political or economic heroes. Many, if not most, will fall into two or more categories.

Not all my heroes are still living. In many cases my heroes are men and women with whom I am only remotely familiar. For example, I have read very little of Thomas Aquinas, even in translation. So, he is a kind of second-hand hero. If he is good enough to be a hero to Father Robert Barron, he is good enough for me.

The list is alphabetical (by surname or by the name most commonly known – for example you will find not “Of Tarsus, Paul” but “Paul, Saint”). I am not creating a heroic hierarchy. I expect to be adding to it over the months. I do not expect to be deleting from it. Blog posts appear in reverse chronological order, most recent at the top. If, by astonishing chance, there should be a reader who wonders whether Beeby has added a hero, he or she will have to use the navigating link on the left hand side of the blog.

The list will be tabular, with three columns: Name, Comment & Link. Not every column will be populated in every case. Please notify me about any typos.

Lastly, before I begin, nothing would please me more than for you to introduce me to your heroes. If I adopt him, her or them, I shall amend my list. My email address is:

Here goes.

Aquinas, Saint Thomas
Intellectual Giant, Catholic Scholastic Philosopher and Theologian.

Baker, Steven
British Conservative MP and Free Market Thinker.

Barron, Father Robert
Catholic Priest and Theologian. See  his “Comments” on YouTube.

Baxendale, Toby
Founder of The Cobden Centre, Entrepreneur and Economist.

Behe, Michael
Catholic Molecular Biologist. Darwin’s Black Box.

Berlinski, David
Secular Jewish Mathematician and Polemicist.

Block, Walter
Secular (I think) Jewish Austrian Economist.

Booker, Christopher
British Journalist and Scourge of Climate Alarmists and the EU.

Brooks, Arthur C
Catholic Economist. Founder of The American Enterprise Institute.

Butler, Eammon
Founder of The Adam Smith Institute.

Carswell, Douglas
British Conservative MP and Political Thinker.

Carter, Bob
Australian Scientist and Scourge of Climate Alarmists.

Casey, Gerard
Irish Philosopher and Anarcho-Capitalist.

Chesterton, G K
British Catholic Thinker, Journalist and Novelist. Orthodoxy.

Coren, Michael
Canadian Catholic Talk Show Host and Defender of Free Speech.

Delingpole, James
British Journalist and Scourge of Climate Alarmists. Watermelons.

Denton, Michael
Medic and Scientist. Nature’s Destiny.

DiLorenzo, Thomas
Austrian Revisionist Historian. Dares to Criticise Lincoln.

Duesberg, Peter
US Microbiologist and Brave Opponent of the HIV Theory of AIDS.

Farage, Nigel
Leader of UKIP, British MEP and Scourge of the EU.

Friedman, Milton
Free Market Economist. Free to Choose

Geshekter, Charles
US Historian and Demolisher of AIDS Nonsense.

Gilder, George
Political and Technology Commentator. The Israel Test.

Gold, Thomas
Polymath and Proponent of Abiotic Oil.

Goldberg, Jonah
US Historian and Political Commentator. Liberal Fascism.

Gregg, Samuel
Catholic Economist and Historian of The Acton Institute.

Hannan, Daniel
British MEP and Scourge of the EU.

Hazlitt, Henry
US Free Market Thinker and Journalist. Economics in One Lesson.

Hitchens, Christopher
Atheist Journalist and Brilliant Polemicist.

Hitchens, Peter
Ex-Trotskyite Anglican Journalist and Polemicist.

Jefferson, Thomas
The Greatest of US Founding Fathers and Author of the Dec of Ind.

Johnson, Phillip
Jurist and Scourge of Darwinists.

Klaus, Vaclav
Sometime President of the Czech Rep. and Scourge of Warmists.

Lennox, John
Oxford Mathematician and Theologian.

Lewis, C S
Anglican Scholar, Theologian & Novelist. Mere Christianity.

Lindzen, Richard
MIT Scientist and Scourge of Climate Alarmists.

Malan, Rian
Brave South African Journalist and Exposer of AIDS Myths.

Meyers, Stephen C
Philosopher of Science and Advocate of ID. Signature in the Cell.

Mises, Ludwig von
Secular Jewish Austrian Economist.

Monckton, Christopher
Catholic Scientist and Scourge of Climate Alarmists.

Mullis, Kary
Nobel Laureate and Brave Opponent of the HIV Theory of AIDS.

Murray, Douglas
British Journalist and Right Wing Polemicist.

Nova, Joanne
Australian Journalist and Scourge of Climate Alarmists.

O’Rourke, P J
US Right Wing Commentator. Very Funny.

Paul, Ron
The Greatest US Congressman for a Generation or More.

Paul, Saint
Apostle and Father of Christian Theology.

Richards, Jay
Catholic Philosopher and Advocate of ID. Money, Greed & God.

Robinson, Peter
US Conservative Thinker and Brilliant Interviewer of the Hoover Inst.

Rothbard, Murray
Secular Jewish Austrian Economist and Libertarian.

Rummel, Rudolph
US Historian and “Democratic Peace” Theoretician.

Sayers, Dorothy L
British Christian Novelist and Thinker.

Schiff, Peter
US Investor and Economic Commentator who Predicted the Crash.

Sirico, Father Robert
US Catholic Priest and Economist. Founder of The Acton Institute.

Smith, Adam
Eighteenth Century Moral Philosopher and Economist.

Sowell, Thomas
African American Economic Genius and Free Market Thinker.

Spencer, Robert
Indefatigable Scholar of Islam and Campaigner against Extremism.

Steyn, Mark
Brilliant Journalist and Defender of Western Civilisation.

Tucker, Jeffrey
Catholic Austrian Economist and Brilliant Speaker.

Ward, Keith
Oxford Scientist and Theologian.

Will, George
US Right Wing Commentator.

Williams, Walter
African American Economic Genius and Free Market Thinker.

Woods, Thomas E
Catholic Austrian Historian. The Church and the Market.

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