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Monday, 19 November 2012

Evil Predators

I was watching University Challenge and doing quite well. Nevertheless, any phone call from my offspring takes precedence. Godolphin was on the line and began by reassuring me that Sebastian was OK. Thanks be to God!

It turns out that Sebastian had been a pub with some mates and with some new acquaintances. The mates departed and soon after that Sebastian found himself under the influence of some psychotropic drug.

The upshot was that (perhaps with his own involvement) money was extracted from his account.

Just introspect for a moment. If this had happened to you, how sinister and evil would you regard a chemical assault on you?

I know that evil predators use drugs to take advantage of women. I knew it but it never seemed to me a particularly big deal. Sam escaped any physical assault; but I shall never be so complacent again. There are drugs about which are so powerful and about which we know so little that it behoves us to be very careful.

Please warn all your young friends that this danger exists.

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