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Sunday, 18 November 2012

Gaza – Gosh!

At last, an issue so simple that even Obama gets it.

Israel has possibly (probably) the securest legal title to exist of any nation-state in History. Hamas is committed to its destruction. The Palestinian Authority likewise. They poison the minds of their children against Israel and all Jews. Hamas has directed hundreds (thousands?) of rockets against civilian populations in Israel. The IDF has responded by targeting the individuals responsible. Tragically, Palestinian civilians, including children, have suffered. They were not the targets. Israeli civilians, including children have been Hamas targets.

Hamas expects the reprisals and makes no effort to keep children out of harm’s way. The deaths and maiming of their own children are part of their strategy.

President Obama appeared on television this evening to proclaim that step one in the de-escalation of violence must be for Hamas to stop targeting Ashkelon and other Israeli towns. Perhaps he will announce tomorrow that water is wet.

Am I being ridiculously over-optimistic to hope that they day after he will recognise that it would be a good idea for the US government to stop its war upon the US state, the US nation and the US people? That he will put an end to the endless increase in US debt? Yeah, sometime soon pigs will take to the air.

Thomas DiLorenzo makes a good case for saying that Lincoln was a cynic and a bad president. That the Civil War, which he engineered, and which killed over 600,000 Americans was unnecessary and was not motivated by a desire to end slavery. After all, slavery was outlawed by nearly all civilised nations without war. I’m not a historian but I do know that Lincoln declared that to preserve the Union he would either free all slaves, keep all slaves slaves or free some slaves.

Other historians have argued that FDR prolonged the depression for a decade. Among his policies was the slaughter of millions of pigs to keep farm prices high. It’s as though the government mandated the destruction of everything in your fridge and larder and told you that this would make you better off.

In the face of competition like this, you would think that the prize for worst president ever was pretty tough. Obama takes it by a mile, even more easily than his Nobel Prize.

Nobel Prizes incidentally are now given to astonishingly undeserving candidates. Al Gore, Paul Krugman, BHO and the EU have made the institution a bad joke.

Obama has been right about one thing – it’s not enough.

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  1. Interesting - do you have any sympathy for the Palestinians and their cause at all?

    Also, on a different tack, if FDR slaughtered millions of pigs it would have kept prices low - assuming of course that they were subsequently eaten.