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Thursday, 18 August 2011

HIV/AIDS – A Response to Elisa: Part III

I'm going to wrap this up fairly quickly with a few bullet points. Please let me have your comments.

  • None of the predictions of the AIDS establishment have come true. It never became a heterosexual epidemic. No vaccine has been developed. As Duesberg points out, Jenner developed the first vaccine in a few weeks for a few quid. Billions of dollars and thirty years have not produced an AIDS vaccine.
  • The anti-viral "therapies" have killed more people than AIDS. An American couple wrote to Duesberg when their adopted daughter became very ill while on an anti-viral regime. He implored them to take her off it. They did and she immediately recovered.
  • Many people who died while taking the drugs died of kidney failure. Kidney failure is not an AIDS defining disease.
  • There are many people who have been diagnosed as "positive" who have eschewed the drugs and lived healthy lives.
  • Google Rethinking Aids.
  • Never take an AIDS test.
  • Never take the AIDS drugs.

Thank you for your attention.


  1. Goodness! All this wealth of information just for me (-: thanks for sharing your research on the subject kiffy, although we might have to agree to disagree on this one. I am not going to go in search of counter-facts to your assertions – which are no doubt abundant in the literature – but, because you are my uncle and I love you, I am going to strongly recommend that, despite your beliefs: a) you never ever ever have unprotected sex with an HIV positive woman (you know, just in case…), b) if you do and you get the HIV virus you take ALL the antiretrovirals you can get your hands on and c) you cut on the gin and begin to exercise routinely or your immune system might just give in to your unhealthy life style!!!! (-: (-:

    And come visit us soon, so that we can do some serious chatting by the pool – on all those issues that we are able to agree on (many I am sure!)

    Mucho loving

  2. Elisa
    If there are counterfactual arguments, I 'd like to hear one.
    In view of the facts (never mind my beliefs), I would never take an anti-viral.
    My ghastly lifestyle has never featured in any of my arguments and I wouldn't defend it.
    I love you too!

  3. On viruses once again.. Interesting little post at on new treatment for viral infections that works by attacking their genetic code. A radically new approach to the research.

  4. Kiffy, you give no facts about the hiv-aids debate; you give your views, your beliefs. You say the disease never became a heterosexual epidemic (says who!?!?!). According to the World Health Organisation, women make up 50% of people living with hiv. How do you suggest they got the virus if not via heterosexual relationships??? You say that the anti-viral therapies have killed more people than AIDS. Again, says who?? You say that an American couple wrote to Duesberg when their adopted daughter became very ill while on an anti-viral regime. He implored them to take her off it. They did and she immediately recovered. Are you claiming that one case is statistically significant?? You say that antiviral therapies destroy your kidney. I am sure they do, as Chemotherapy destroys your immune system.. but it also kills tumours!!! You say that there are many people who have been diagnosed as "positive" who have eschewed the drugs and lived healthy lives. How many? How has this been documented? Who are you citing? Finally you say that there is no vaccine for hiv…hence?? Do you suggest this proves that hiv is not a virus? There is no vaccine for dengue either, or for the common cold... does that mean they are not caused by viruses? One of the reasons why there is no vaccine is because HIV is highly mutable. In any case, in the 80 if you got hiv you were dead in less than a year. Now hiv is not considered lethal in the West because antiviral drugs keep the virus in check.
    Anyway, Kiffy, let us agree to disagree. You have your beliefs and I have mine. Yes beliefs!! If you want to believe that hiv never became a heterosexual epidemic that is fine, but please do not call it a ‘fact’ or someone might put you in the uncomfortable position of demanding some statistics to back your claim!

  5. Facts:
    There is no evidence that HIV causes AIDS (Koch's Postulates).
    There is no evidence that HIV exists.
    WHO statistics about women being 50% of people infected by a non-existent virus?
    Hardly anyone in Africa is ever tested for "HIV".
    "AIDS" cases are diagnosed according to the "Bangui Definition". Google it.
    The 50% statistic is entirely circular!
    Africans are dying of the diseases from which they have always died. Clean water is what they need, not condoms.
    "AIDS" in Africa and AIDS in the West are completely different phenomena. Otherwise, western AIDS would have spread to the heterosexual population - it hasn't!
    Google "Alive and Well" for information about HIV "positives" who thrive without anti-retrovirals.
    It is rather (actually very) rude to say that I believe this because I want to. I did my best to believe that my wife loved me - a lot of my amour propre depended on it. What could possibly make me want to take a position on AIDS, apart from an interest in Truth?

  6. I though you said you would rather have abuse than suspect that no one is reading you (-:
    No, kiffy, you misunderstand my point; I do not ‘invalidate’ your views on the subject because I believe them to be "ideologically tainted". I think you are wrong on purely arithmetical grounds – as you so nicely put it. I never referred to your political or religious beliefs in my comments. YOU assume that I assume your argument is wrong because you vote for David Cameron. You underestimate me. I acknowledged in my first post that I agree with you that the politics of hiv-aids are probably far from straightforward. I also acknowledged that there was a debate to be had with regards to the effectiveness of dumping costly antivirals on third world countries to treat hiv-aids when perhaps more health benefits could be achieved by spending the same on water and sanitation projects. I agree that once the scientific community is comfortably working within an established paradigm it is very hard to get them to accept new theories. I am all for conspiracy theories!! I love conspiracy theories!!! But, having said that, and returning to your arithmetics: so far, the evidence that HIV causes AIDS is by a long way stronger than the evidence that puts this into question. Leaving Africa aside if you like, in Europe and the USA, aids HAS spread to the heterosexual population. Women do die from AIDS if they do not get treatment – like the daughter of the founder of Alive & Well … It has been documented that not all people respond to the hiv virus in the same way, some people’s immune system kills the virus off altogether, but this is the same with any disease or infection. Not all people get lyme if bitten by a borrelia-infested tic, some just have a little fever and kill the bacteria off whilst others can end up with permanent paraplegia. But the fact that some people survive the borrelia bacteria without much problem does not mean that the bacterium does not exist or that it does not cause lyme disease!
    In any case kiffy, do forgive me if, amidst the excitement, I’ve been rude in any of my posts

  7. UK hiv diagnoses by transmission route
    and aids cases and deaths by gender

  8. Chris, suppose you went to the docs for, say, a routine blood test for an insurance policy and the doc said, "Mr Beeby, you are HIV positive". What would your response be and what action, if any, would you take?

  9. Geoff
    It ain't gonna happen. Unless perhaps I had agreed to a test not for an insurance policy but for an annuity purchase, in which case I would say, "Whoopee!"
    Either way, I wouldn't be the slightest bit concerned about my life prospects. I have good reasons for rejecting the medical establishment's assumptions and the insurance/annuity people's assumptions. I'm going to die sooner or later - the insurance company hopes later, the annuity people hope sooner.
    In short, I would not be alarmed by the doctor's declaration. I would do nothing!
    Thank you for commenting.
    Keep visiting. I've posted twice today - incontinent, I suppose.

  10. Mmmnn! Difficult to counter that. What if the doctor said, "Oh by the way you have a nasty infected toe and you will die in a week for definite", what would you say?

  11. As a courteous Englishman, I would say, "Thanks for your time, doc."
    As a father, I would contact my solicitor, to make sure that my meagre estate was as accessible to my kids as possible.
    As a citizen, I would do my best to ensure that, if I died alone, my rotting corpse would not stink out the street.
    As a Catholic, I would go to confession.