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Monday, 29 August 2011

Daniel Hannan (MEP) – Politicians aren’t all bad!

What a man!

DH speaks and votes against the very institution that provides him with a living – the European Union.

Apologies for repeating myself: We had a referendum on the Common Market. The Common Market turned itself into the European Economic Community. This turned into the European Community, which morphed into the European Union. They obviously know we are stupid. Well, we didn't take to the streets – though it wasn't that subtle, was it?: CM4EEC4EC4EU! Never once did the bastards consult us! The EU makes over 80% of our laws. It's as though I joined the Co-op and discovered that, in next to no time, they were telling me what to eat and how to bring up my children.

I have respect for very few politicians – less as the years go by. The coalition makes me physically ill.

There are a few others: IDS, Michael Gove, Douglas Carswell and Frank Field. Recently I have been holding my nose as I put my "X" against the Conservative candidate's name. Never again, I think. UKIP, if there is a candidate. Otherwise I'll spoil the ballot paper.

Daniel Hannan

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  1. Definitely agree about the EU. I remember standing in the voting station in 1974 and saying yes. What was I thinking?!

    Don't agree about the coalition. Would you want to see Millibean in charge? Shurely not.