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Monday, 15 August 2011

Bad Science – Cancer II

In years to come Peter Duesberg will be recognised as the brave genius he is. Tragically, he upset the community of happy secure virologists by casting doubt on the establishment's espousal of the HIV theory of AIDS.

The establishment took only 24 hours to espouse Robert Gallo's claim to have discovered the "probable cause of AIDS".


An American scientist had put his finger on the cause of the media's favourite story: Sex & Death. The National Institutes for Health and the Centres for Disease Control probably took no more than 24 seconds to spot the gravy train of all gravy trains. How will the federal government not be forced to spend billions with us? Their dreams quickly came true.

Their sad counterparts in the Environmental Protection Agency had to wait years before Al Gore did the same for them. Do these bureaucrats resent the millions that Gallo and Gore have made for themselves out of these "issues"? Do they fish?

Do you? You should!

Progressives encourage us to resent the fortunes made by entrepreneurs. But entrepreneurs only ever get rich by giving us what we want. Gore and Gallo have made fortunes by picking our pockets – what saps we are!

There is a double tragedy in the case of Duesberg. Having blotted his copy book (ie screamed "Wake up!") over AIDS, he could be ignored by the Cancer Establishment when he questioned their favoured gene-mutation theory of cancer.

The link below is to Duesberg in his own words. I am in no position to state that he is right and the gene-mutationists are wrong. The HIV/AIDS stuff is much more clear-cut. The AIDS establishment's predictions have been falsified over nearly 30 years. All the same, who are you going to trust, Semmelweiss or his colleagues in their pus streaked coats with their unwashed hands and their catastrophic mortality figures?,_Duesberg0507,_SciAm.pdf

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