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Friday, 7 November 2014

Obama – Almost Certainly the Worst President Ever

I have followed the US mid-term elections and am hugely relieved that ‘my’ team won. There are certainly some drongos among the Republicans; but all the Democrats are drongos. Look what happens to American cities when Democrats are in control. Detroit is a fine example. Compare that with what happens when a state (eg Texas) elects a Republican governor.

Republicans now control the House and the Senate. Three fifths of all governors are Republicans. Obama is going to be the lamest of lame ducks – he may, however, manage to do a deal of harm in the next two years. He has done a lot in the last six.

BHO was dealt a bad hand when he succeeded W. He played it disastrously, as I thought he would. This was a man with no achievements to his name before taking office – and they gave him a Nobel Prize almost before he had finished organising his sock drawer!

He was brought up by and among radical leftists and progressives. He has learnt nothing since. He was a ‘community organiser’, in other words one whose objective was to sow resentment and division.

Americans elected him because he was black. White Americans were expiating their guilt over slavery, Jim Crow, lynchings and other shameful stuff. Most Brits are totally unaware that Jim Crow and the KKK were Democratic phenomena – remember George Wallace (Governor of Arkansas); remember him opposing the desegregation of schools)? It was Lincoln (a Republican) who issued the emancipation proclamation – though I am not going to start hyperventilating over Lincoln. Black Americans (mostly) voted tribally. Oh dear!

Progressive policies, the New Deal and the Great Society in particular, had a catastrophic effect on the black American family. In the early twentieth century black American families were very stable; now they are almost an endangered species. In the early twentieth century black employment rates compared well with that of whites.

Obama continued stupid (and wicked) policies, like quantitative easing – which failed. He was responsible for boondoggles like Solyndra (remember that – half a billion dollars to a ‘sustainable’ energy company that promptly failed). The debt, already mounting under W, sky-rocketed to SEVENTEEN TRILLION DOLLARS and counting. Unemployment has virtually flat-lined under Obama. His supine attitude to Islam has made the USA both despised and hated around the world. Obamacare has been a total fiasco. It was ‘sold’ on the basis of outright, bare-faced lies.

Two suggestions for improving healthcare while lowering the cost:

·         Allow Americans to purchase health insurance across state lines. It is insane that they are prohibited from doing so.

·         Allow competition from wound-stitchers and bone-setters and other low tech healers – a radical (common-sensical) idea that could be extended.

In spite of Obama, shale oil extraction (aka fracking) has conferred on America (and the world) cheaper energy, the life blood of an economy. Obama and his crew have, so far, blocked the XL pipeline from Canada, a policy so incandescently stupid as to defy belief.

A stupid, wicked failure in everything he has done or attempted to do – and soooo narcissistic!

There are thousands of black men and women who would have done a better job than Barry Soteiro. Herman Cain, for a start. There is one who may enter the 2016 race – Benjamin Carson. Whoever enters the race would be well advised to listen to the advice of two colossal black intellects: Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams.

There are good men, and possibly women, among the potential Republican nominees for 2016. It is time to start hoping and praying that the best will be selected and that he/she will be elected.
Why do I care so much? Well, for me America is an idea as much as a country. Obama declared that he wanted ‘fundamentally to transform’ America. He has been too successful, God help us!

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