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Sunday, 16 November 2014

Be Still, My Beating Heart

My only quarrel with Jay Richards is that he doesn't make enough YouTube videos. I search for ‘Jay Richards’ and find only videos I have already watched – actually, anything he says is worth listening to multiple times.

Tonight I found a new one, uploaded a week ago but from last year. What can I say to encourage you to watch?

It is lapidary.

As I watched it, I kept thinking about Sam, a wonderful human being and very bright. His problem with Christianity is that he has not been shown reasons why he should believe. Does he require a mathematical proof? I think this is unnecessarily demanding. Proof belongs to Mathematics. Most of what we believe we believe without rigorous proofs. There are things we believe (atheist or theist) which amount to knowledge. Do I have to prove to you, or even give you evidence, that torturing little children for fun is evil? You and I both know this to be true.

I’ll keep this brief, though I will find it hard. To summarise: JR examines many of the things we all believe or know or that Science has discovered and subjects them to scrutiny. Does this make more sense from a theistic perspective or from a materialist perspective?

I’d love to go on. Here he is: Ratio Christi. Start at about 9:00 minutes in - the first bit is introductory Enjoy!

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