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Saturday, 13 September 2014

Random Clips

·        William Lane Craig – a very brainy chap.
Dawkins refuses to debate him, perhaps because of what happened to Peter Atkins at his hands: Perhaps My Favourite YouTube Clip of All Time

·         Anjem Choudary – how not to argue. Articulate, yes. Persuasive, I don’t think so.
With Friends Like Anjem

·         Tom Woods – brain the size of a planet.
The Catholic Church: The first of 13 parts
 You are not educated if you have not taken this on board.

·         Arthur C Brooks  –  President of AEI, as smart as they get.
A Short Random Clip
Search for longer pieces by this titan.

·         Terry Eagleton – A high IQ doesn’t protect you from STUPIDITY.
Defending Karl Marx! So sad! The only man to have been proven wrong more often is Paul Ehrlich (qv).

·         Paul Ehrlich – if you watch all this (I haven’t) and find anything interesting, do let me know. I promise to bite the bullet and watch it.
He Has a Job?
Be aware that this is the guy who in The Population Bomb (1968) predicted that the world faced mass starvation in the 70s and 80s. Let us note, in passing, that since 1970 the number of people world-wide in desperate poverty has decreased by EIGHTY PERCENT. You would expect him to have assumed the foetal position on the toilet floor. No, he gives lectures and people buy his books. This is the world we live in.

·         I am offering a prize of 50p for clips of more egregiously stupid humans than Anjem, Terry and Paul.

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