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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

A New Feature

I spend altogether too much time listening to YouTube videos: not of pets doing cute things but of talks, lectures and debates.

My other hobby is keeping this blog. So I have decided to combine the two. I am going to include in each post at least one link to a video or videos I think worth viewing. I hope you will think I have chosen well.

For my first offering, here is a link to one of my all-time heroes, Jay Richards. He speaks on a variety of topics which interest me: Intelligent Design, Economics and Climate Change, to name but three.

In my view, he speaks very well. He is clearly intelligent and well informed and he is a contrarian, though a well-mannered one.


Here is a video in which he talks about Money, Greed and God. It is not densely theological. Indeed, it is concerned with ethical issues which might easily interest those of an entirely secular mind-set:

And another:

Jay Richards on What Should Christians Think About Global Warming?



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