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Sunday, 9 December 2012

I Like Boris Johnson – You should too!

He is smart, funny and his heart is definitely in the right place. Is he as profound a political thinker as Daniel Hannan? Perhaps not; but they are both among our last best hopes. BJ, DH and Nigel Farage – what a combo that would be.

I have not heretofore addressed the subject of fracking. Not because it isn’t a no brainer – over a trillion barrels worth of cheap natural gas (duh?), but because the mindset of the opposition is so baffling.

Let’s let technology contribute to an economic revival - every industry depends on energy. Let’s make energy cheap for poor people. Let’s create jobs for people who need them. Let’s reduce our dependence on imported energy. Let’s reduce “carbon emissions”, if you think that is important. Let’s thank The Almighty for a timely (even miraculous) intervention.

The naysayers oppose it on the basis that we will suffer earthquakes in NW England – earthquakes equivalent to a bus passing your house? What else? Every other energy source, apart from nuclear, has claimed many lives. Workers in the oil and coal industries have died in their hundreds and thousands to give us comfort and prosperity – and we should remember them and bless them, likewise merchant seamen and countless others who have risked their lives for us.

No life has ever been lost to fracking – not one!

Moronic economic policies have landed us in the worst economic situation in living memory. Shale gas promises us a partial solution. Clearly, not a complete solution – it doesn’t remove the morons.

There are those who are in thrall to the “precautionary principle”. Michael Crichton has demolished this. Do they ever set foot outside their own front doors? Do they ever fly? Do they ever catch a bus?

Risk is necessary, Risk is good. The risk we are talking about with respect to fracking is vanishingly small. The people who oppose it are very bad people. Moreover, their behaviour is zillions of times riskier than going for it.

You will/may think me extravagant for describing anti-frackists as literally diabolical. Their science is non-existent; their motives are bad. They hate Humanity.

I would genuinely like to hear from an anti-frackist, or an apologist.

Meanwhile, Go, Boris!

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