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Friday, 7 December 2012

Goodness Me or WTF!

On Newsnight tonight there was a regrettably short piece which took as its starting point the question: Suppose we had to design government from scratch, what would it consist of? Before the discussion element we saw a graphic depicting the “theoretical minimum”: Defence, Courts and Police.

There was a contributor to the discussion who was from the left – something to do with the RSA. He said nothing egregiously stupid. In fact, he made an interesting point, namely that mayors are more popular than PMs. I’ll drink to that.

The programme introduced me to two other individuals, both of whom will get attention from me. One was Jamie Whyte, who had me prejudiced in his favour by being a representative of the Cobden Centre, founded by Toby Baxendale (already a hero). The other was Nassim Taleb, a Lebanese renaissance man.

If stuff like this is starting to appear on the BBC in place of the usual obfuscation, where will it lead? No, it’s too soon for me to begin hyperventilating.

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