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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

The US Election

It’s getting very depressing. Deeply depressing.

Donald Trump looks like getting the Republican nomination. Hillary Clinton looks like getting the Democrat nomination. The polls suggest that Hillary would win. Mine’s a pint of hemlock.

Perhaps the Republicans really are the stupid party. They don’t have that much time. Cruz, Rubio and Carson are not unintelligent men. They are all decent men with sound political visions; but they are staring into the abyss. They should be crapping themselves – I am. Are they talking to each other? Not apparently. United against Trump, they could (perhaps) deny him the nomination. United against Hillary, they might defeat her. This is their patriotic duty.

Reagan and Thatcher won the Cold War. There was moment of hope. The greatest threat to liberty and prosperity had been defeated. Their successors have thrown away the advantage they won. The threat from Islamo-fascism grows by the day. Obama is a joke. He has virtually guaranteed the Iranians the bomb. The world is more anti-American than ever. The federal government looks daily more like Detroit.

If Cruz, Rubio and Carson were to unite against Trump, he might lose the nomination. Rubio is the likeliest to defeat Hillary, though Cruz would be the better president. In my view, if C, R & C were true patriots, they would gang up on Trump. If they failed to knock him out, they would have done their duty. Disaster would follow: Hillary or Donald. In my view, Hillary would be marginally worse. She has no principles. The unpredictability of Trump might give the US an advantage in certain circumstances. I’ll drink to that! He would be more robust against ISIS. Cheers!

Carson is not going to be the next POTUS. He does, however, have enough moral authority to move things on. Perhaps he will be the kingmaker. Perhaps, in the long run, the saviour of America. She needs saving. The world needs America.

I can’t believe that Cruz, Rubio and Carson have not come to conclusions similar to mine. I can’t believe that they are not in touch with each other. They know that Trump would probably lose to Hillary. They know that Hillary would be a very bad president.

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