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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Political Principles

This is the political season. I hate it although I am a political junkie. It puts me in mind of the later Roman Empire: Bread and Circuses. Vote for me and I will make people like you better off – and I will amuse you with gladiatorial contests.

Democracy is very problematical. To work properly it requires a thinking, moral electorate. Is this what we are? Not if the politicians’ analysis is correct. Give them bread; give them circuses and the stupid bastards will give us power.

Perhaps I am hopelessly ‘idealistic’. I want politicians to appeal to my political principles. My political principles are not necessarily congruent with my material wants.

These are my principles:

Government should be responsible for as little as possible: protection from foreign and domestic aggressors. That’s it.

Education? We were better educated when the state had no involvement.

Health? The improvement in our health has very little to do with state involvement and much to do with technology. We drive better, safer cars. The state had nothing to do with them.
Equality? What does it mean? Everybody should be the same height, have the same IQ, have the same income?

No politician ever asks me to match my principles to his/hers.

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