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Monday, 13 October 2014

Wouldn’t it be Great if You Could Arrange a Meeting between Two of your Heroes?

Well, this is my current project. Here I sit in my terrace house in Stretford, Manchester, emailing two intellectual titans of our age: Rupert Sheldrake and Jay Richards. Sheldrake has replied, saying that he ‘does not like Intelligent Design’.

I am persuaded by Richards et al that Intelligent Design is real. The problem with neo-Darwinism is Random Mutation. Natural Selection is simply common sense. But the first step (RM) is preposterous. How do aquatic creatures emerge from the seas and breathe air – with randomly mutated lungs? Please!

Richards is as articulate a man as you would expect to meet in a couple of galaxies – but so is Sheldrake. They don’t agree! I want them to!

Intelligent Design says that there are features of the natural world (including Cosmology and Biology) that are best explained by purpose and design. Richards and his colleagues have persuaded me of this over the past decade. They are reviled by most of the ‘scientific’ community.

Along comes Sheldrake (as popular with the ‘orthodox’ scientific community as Richards) and proposes a theory of Morphic Resonance.

Sheldrake believes (as I understand him), among other things, which I also believe, the following:
The ‘Laws of Nature’ are not fixed but evolving.
Consciousness is not an epiphenomenon but inherent in all self-organising phenomena.
Thus, the Universe is a hierarchical system of conscious systems: Universe, Galaxies, Stars, Solar Systems etc.

Entities which belong to the same class share a common ‘consciousness’ and memory – Electrons and giraffes, for example. There is (they tell me and I have no reason to doubt it) lots of evidence for the former. The most bizarre lesson of Quantum Mechanics (maybe) is that ‘entangled’ electrons affect each other instantaneously, even when they are light-years apart.

Nobody knows why baby giraffes are the same shape as mummy and daddy giraffes. You think you know – it’s because baby giraffes get their DNA from mummy and daddy. Sorry! DNA determines the proteins in each tiny giraffe, but not its shape. Scientists lie to us – or, at least, remain silent while we assume that DNA is the complete blueprint for the next generation.

Not all scientists are complicit. Some are dupes like the rest of us.

There are lots of problems, allegedly solved by modern Science, which haven’t been. The doctrine of Original Sin is of practical value. We lie when we perceive it to be to our advantage. Scientists are not immune.

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