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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Charles Murray - Again

Charles Murray is no theologian. He is a brilliant and perceptive social scientist. And, as such, he has examined a colossal amount of data and come to some very challenging conclusions. He observes relationships between behaviours and outcomes and can back them up with very impressive statistics.

He observes that “successful” people – not necessarily rich people, but people who perceive themselves to be living worthwhile lives – abide by conventional, conservative, traditional behaviours.

He wishes that they would preach what they practise. They invest in Faith, Family, Community and Work.

Arthur C Brooks is an economist and a Catholic. He has a lot to say about Free Markets and Morality. They both work for The American Enterprise Institute. ACB is the president.

The USA is hugely blessed with organisations like AEI: The Mises Institute, The Cato Institute, The Acton Institute, all standing up for free markets and stressing the role of morality in political and economic affairs. Check them out. To be fair to us Brits, we have The Adam Smith Institute and a few others – more later perhaps.

Here is a clip featuring wise words from Charles Murray.

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