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Saturday, 12 January 2013

Sister Wendy

 I am a Catholic. I would very much like everyone to be a Catholic. My enchanting daughter-in-law is not a Catholic; but, of course, I would like her to be. I have refrained from bombarding her with links to my Catholic heroes: Fr Robert Barron and Peter Kreeft, to name but two outstanding examples. It’s not that their writings and speeches are too densely theological, but rather, that, being highly subjective myself, I can’t imagine that I would have been wrestled to the floor by these titans and captured for Catholicism. My route to the Church of Rome was not three theological falls or a submission. I sought these guys out, having already become a Catholic; and I am very glad I did.

So, my contribution to Catholic evangelisation has been feeble (at best) or non-existent (at worst). I like theology! But, I should have thought more about being a saint. Barron and Kreeft, I am sure, would agree. Saints, it turns out, are mightier warriors for the Faith than theologians, important though theologians are. The categories are not mutually exclusive.

It was atheistic Geoff who first drew my attention to Sister Wendy. He is a big fan. I was aware of her work (hat-tip to Newman and Baddiel). But she is an art critic and she has buck teeth (may I be forgiven)! It turns out that she is much much more.

I was astonished to receive an e-mail message from the daughter-in-law expressing her profound admiration and “enchantment” with Sr Wendy. I am sure that wise words on the subject of Art contributed to her admiration but I have every reason to believe that Sr Wendy’s manifest “goodness” was the source of the enchantment.

I am very grateful to Geoff and Carrie for having introduced me to a new heroine.

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