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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Lovely, lovely Stephen Fry

SF is one of my favourite broadcasters. It's almost inconceivable that Jeeves &Wooster could have been better cast – as much credit to Huw Laurie as to SF.

He is my kind of people. He loves language; I do. Information of any kind beguiles him; and me. Long live Stephen Fry.

I've been looking forward to his BBC2 programme Words for several days. I was disappointed.

Yeah, we humans create brand new sentences every time we open our mouths. Yeah, we are the only animals who do anything even remotely similar. Yeah, our offspring learn to do the same thing between the ages of two and four – I've observed it three times. Gosh, aren't they observant, those psychologists?

Probably the greatest linguist of all time, Noam Chomsky, has postulated that "grammar" is hard wired. He destroyed the behaviourists.

I have regarded the fact that I was not born a Jew as a misfortune. I love being a Catholic convert.

My disappointment with SF was that there was nothing new.

New is not necessarily good. But...

Stephen, what have you to tell us that is even Quite Interesting?

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