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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Welcome to Raleigh Street – Be as Rude as you Like

I'm posting again, using a fantastic Word 2007 template, which allows me to create a post and publish it, all from within Word.

Blogging is a form of self-indulgence – innocent, I hope. It helps me to formulate my thoughts about this and that. Sometimes it leads me to research. Perhaps it will help to keep the Alzheimer's at bay.

So far I have done practically nothing to attract traffic to this blog. I have sent the link to family and friends and that's about it. The counter shows several hundred visits but the fact is that most of them have been me! I would like more traffic and more comments – rude comments if you wish, but preferably no abuse.

Here is the address:

If you see fit to send the link to your correspondents, I shall be grateful. If you or they post comments, I shall do my best to reply.

The thinking is, I hope, a reasonably coherent mixture of Catholicism, Libertarianism and Free Market Economics. Yes, I do have a number of bees in my bonnet:


  • I am certain that Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming is a crock and that the measures proposed to counter it will not have any measurable effect on the climate but will be economically disastrous.
  • I am certain that HIV is a hoax, that AIDS in the West is caused by lifestyle choices (including the use of recreational drugs), that what is called AIDS in Africa is simply a new name for diseases caused by poor hygiene – that it has nothing to with sex. This view has cost me at least one friend. I think she thought it was a homophobic view
  • I am certain that government funding of Science has had a wholly negative effect on Science and caused it to become radically politicised and corrupt.
  • I am certain that nearly all government spending has effects which are corrupting: in Education, Health and Social Policy, that the spending nearly always has effects which run counter to intentions and that we can't afford it.
  • I am certain that Heaven cannot be built on Earth and that anyone who claims that it can is either deluded or evil.
  • I am certain that recreational drugs are bad but our drug policies make things worse, not better. In this instance, I very much regret finding myself on the opposite side of the argument from two of my heroes: Peter Hitchens and Melanie Phillips.
  • I am certain that modern Materialism is not only incoherent and wrong but that it screws up your thinking about everything. It's very bad.
  • I wish that the Catholic Church were more aggressive in its evangelism and in opposing the zeitgeist. We have all the best arguments.
  • I am passionately pro-Justice and anti-Social Justice. The very concept of Social Justice is the source of many terrible evils and I wish the Church would condemn it.

Enough to be going on with. Welcome and God bless.

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  1. If it hadn't been for government taxing and wise spending on education after WWII, I, and my lovely wife, and many of my friends, would never have been to university and probably would not have the resources and the cultural capital to be sitting here in Sydney reading your blog. You might not even be writing your blog. Now you want to bite the hand that fed and nurtured your considerable intellect. Cheers....Harris